Highly Secure Colocation Service

Keep your own hardware safe and secure with us in our Chicago datacenter.

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$60.00 / month

1U of colocation space

1A @ 120V of power

30TB of traffic

1 IPv4 of IP addresses

Why Choose Hybrid Hosting colocation?

Highly secure Chicago facility

Security is our priority. We've got round-the-clock security personnel, CCTV systems with non-stop motion detection, and robust security measures including biometric and gated access. To top it off, we've got bulletproof mantraps and steel interlocking doors, plus we comply with SSAE 18, PCI, Open-IX, and HIPAA standards. That's what we call secure!

Advanced DDoS protection & transit

Our robust, multi-homed network includes nationwide and overseas access points. Partnered with major carriers like AT&T, Cogent, Comcast, and more, we assure security with 10Tbps+ DDoS Protection from Path.net (and our on premise protection), and are active members of the Chicago Internet Exchange.

Physical access

Access to the data center? You bet! If you're a full rack customer, you can swing by any time, any day. If not, no sweat, just send us a ticket with your schedule and we'll work out a time that suits you. We're all about making things easy for you.

Remote hands

The cost for our super handy remote hands service? It's $240 per hour, charged in 15-minute increments. Remember, if you decide to cancel services, there's a de-racking and shipping fee at the same rate. And don't worry about packing materials, we can sort that out for you.

The Datacenter: SBA Edge

SBA Edge West Chicago

Hybrid Hosting has partnered with SBA Edge, a global provider of high-performance data center services, for its colocation facilities in Chicago. The SBA Edge data center has advanced security and reliability features, multiple backup generators, and high-speed internet connections. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses seeking secure and robust IT infrastructure solutions.

SBA Edge's data center in Chicago offers an advantageous location for businesses seeking to establish a strong digital presence in the continental United States. Situated in the heart of global internet transit, SBA's data center provides easy access to the world's internet transit. Additionally, the data center is in close proximity to major transportation hubs, making it convenient for businesses to transport and distribute their digital assets.



Below this, you can find the processes

Step 1

Acquiring the Server

There are several options for obtaining a server. You can either purchase one from online platforms like eBay, build a new server from scratch, or we can construct one for you at no additional build fee if you commit to a 6-month contract.

Step 2

Shipping the Server

If you decide to provide your own server, you'll need to ship it to our location. To initiate this process, please open a ticket in our billing panel and provide us with the tracking information. Ship the server to the following address: "Hybrid Hosting LLC - Customer Name, 603 Discovery Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185.

Step 3


Once your server arrives at our facility, we'll promptly proceed with the deployment, often on the same day! After the deployment is completed, we'll furnish you with the necessary details to access the colocation and IPMI panel.

Meet HyperShield

HyperShield DDoS protection panel early dev preview

Welcome to HyperShield, your all-in-one solution for securing and managing your digital presence. From IP management to advanced firewall controls, HyperShield offers a suite of tools designed to keep your online operations running smoothly and securely.

At the heart of HyperShield lies our state-of-the-art DDoS protection, powered by a sophisticated, three-tiered defense system. We blend advanced technology and strategic intelligence to protect you from threats and disruptions. Experience peace of mind knowing HyperShield is vigilantly safeguarding your digital journey every step of the way.

Meet our Colocation Control Panel

Uncover the pinnacle of server management with the Hybrid Hosting Colocation Server Panel. Meticulously designed for clients valuing efficiency and clarity, our platform offers a unified interface for all server tasks. From restarting your server, refreshing your OS, to adjusting your RAID settings, and beyond — trust the Hybrid Hosting colocation server panel for comprehensive business server solutions.

Our foremost dedication is to provide a flawless experience uniquely tailored for you. Whether it's executing hands-off OS refreshes or utilizing automated RAID configurations, every feature is crafted considering your ease. Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and elegance with the Hybrid Hosting Colocation Server Panel.

HyperPanel Screenshot

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