Our Datacenter: SBA Edge

At Hybrid Hosting, we're not just offering data center services, we're providing an innovative colocation facility. Our emphasis on cutting-edge technology solutions is combined with a flexible, scalable approach to meet your specific data center needs. Our commitment to excellent service is brought to life by our experienced team of experts who stand at the ready to support you.


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Chicago, Illinois

603 Discovery Drive, West Chicago, IL 60185

Our facility is meticulously designed to serve as an advanced internet infrastructure hub, capable of managing the complexities of distributed and mobile computational demands.

Collaborating closely with our strategic partners, we're pioneering a fresh approach to infrastructure. This encompasses innovative strategies for power and networking requisites, specifically engineered to fulfill the requirements of contemporary organizations. We offer flexible power arrangements, including high-density configurations, accompanied by a diverse range of network access alternatives. Our goal is to provide an infrastructure solution that meets your needs, precisely and efficiently.

Map of SBA
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SBA Edge

Facility Features

  • Diversely fed 12.47kV utility feeds with additional high voltage feeds immediately available for expansion
  • Four 35,000 gallon underground water storage tanks (two online); 50,000 gallon chilled water loop; 2,800 tons of aggregate cooling capacity
  • 21.5 ft. ceilings from slab to deck with 36 inch raised floor
  • Kevlar and steel mesh lined interior walls; I-Beam structural enhanced load roof
  • Reinforced concrete exterior wall construction, able to withstand 90 mph winds

Facility Features

  • Located outside of floodplains and 0.0g earthquake zone
  • Multi-zone dual action fire suppression system with supplementary VESDA detectors
  • Extensive security, including gated and biometric access, pervasive motion sensing CCTV, Level–III bullet resistant mantraps and steel REX interlocking doors
  • Monitored and staffed 24/7/365
  • Full featured NOC/SOC monitoring and control; intelligent customized building automation system

Onsite Carriers

  • AT&T
  • Cogent
  • Comcast
  • Century Link Level 3
  • WindStream
  • Zayo

Behind the Scenes:

Safeguarding Your Digital Journey

Hybrid Hosting is more than just a service provider. We're your partner in the digital world, offering a suite of products designed to meet your unique needs. But no matter which solution you choose, one thing remains constant: our commitment to security.

Here at Hybrid Hosting, we've taken DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection to the next level with our advanced, three-tiered defense system. This is how we protect your digital journey:

1. First Line of Defense: Path.net

The journey of each data packet begins in the vast expanse of the internet. All incoming traffic first encounters Path.net, our initial filter that works like a digital sieve, rooting out DDoS threats at the get-go.

2. Secondary Shield: Corero Machine

Any traffic that slips past Path.net is then routed through our Corero machine. Acting as a secondary shield, it further scrutinizes the traffic, ensuring no DDoS threats sneak past undetected.

3. Intelligence Gathering: Centralized DDoS Database

Both Path.net and our Corero machine contribute to our ongoing battle against DDoS attacks by feeding valuable information into a centralized database. This resource aids in predicting and pre-empting future threats, adapting and growing smarter with each encounter.

4. Final Fortress: Custom XDP Filtering

The final leg of the journey takes the traffic through our suite of custom-built XDP filtering machines. These devices specialize in advanced Layer 7 protection, specifically designed to detect and neutralize stealthy and disruptive attacks targeting the application layer. Consider them our final fortresses, rigorously checking every last bit of traffic to ensure your safety.

With Hybrid Hosting, your online safety is our utmost priority. Regardless of the service you choose, rest assured knowing we're committed to protecting your digital journey from DDoS threats at every step.

Diagram for Hybrid Hosting's DDoS Protection Path going through Path.net, then a Corero Machine, then a centralized database, then our Custom XDP Filtering.

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