Fast, Reliable, and Affordable Gaming Servers

We combine the fastest processors up to 4.9GHz with dedicated resources and high-speed servers and sell at unbeatable prices. That's Hybrid Hosting.

Why Choose Hybrid Hosting?

Unrivaled Ryzen 9 5950X Performance

We use the Ryzen 9 5950X on all plans at Hybrid Hosting, delivering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and reliability - perfect for clients who demand the best!

Global Low-Latency

Experience ultra-low network latency across the world, thanks to our strategic New York City location, ensuring a seamless connection for your hosting needs.

We own our hardware

All of our US hardware is owned and managed by Hybrid Hosting. We cut out the middle man so we can pass the savings directly to you! This allows us to offer the best pricing for dedicated plans on the market.

Advanced DDoS protection

Hybrid Hosting's entire network is protected by Cosmic Guard's advanced DDoS mitigation rendering every server protected from even the largest attacks at no additional cost to the customer.

Explore our vast array of services

Minecraft Pickaxe Icon

Minecraft Hosting

From $7.99 / month

Fastest Minecraft CPU - The Ryzen 9 5950X

Advanced DDoS protection

DDR4 3600MT/s Memory

Super fast NVMe SSD Storage Space

Advanced HyperPanel MC Panel

Server Icon

Dedicated Servers

From $219.99 / month

Dedicated hardware — not shared with anyone

Advanced DDoS protection by Cosmic Global Networks

Always the Newest CPUs at Competitive Prices

Advanced Access to IPMI Control Panel

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From $59.99 / month

Host your own hardware in our racks

All servers protected by Cosmic Global Networks

Bring your own IPs

/32 IPv4 included

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Discord Bot Hosting

From $3.99 / month

Full Control of your Server

Manage through our custom control panel

Free Backups of your Discord bot

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Build a Server

From $299.99 / one-time

Any custom configuration you need

Own your hardware

Obtain your own server while avoiding the costly monthly expenses

5% off Colocation

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Website Hosting

From $2.99 / month

Easily host any website

cPanel control panel

With Support to help you get your Server Setup Fast

Automatically pull from Git

Chat with us

Questions about our unique plans or want to reach our support? Reach out to us on Livechat, Discord, or Email!

Meet HyperPanel

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

Server Management

HyperPanel is our customized panel that allows you to Control, Modify, Start, Stop, Manage, Edit Files, Create Domains, and enjoy running a server.

With features like One-Click Mod & Plugin Installers as well as Instant 24/7 support at your fingertips, it makes running a server as easy as playing one! Let your imagination run wild as you create your own worlds in seconds.

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

Version Changer

The Versions Changer is a key feature within the HyperPanel for Minecraft players who frequently switch between different game versions or want to try out new mods and software. This feature allows users to easily install and switch between all major Minecraft versions without having to manually download and install each version. The panel also includes major software such as Forge, Bukkit, and Spigot, making it easy for players to add mods and plugins to their game.

In addition to the Versions Changer, HyperPanel also offers an extensive list of over 50 Modpacks. These pre-configured mod collections allow players to quickly and easily enhance their Minecraft experience with new gameplay mechanics, items, and environments. With the HyperPanel, players can explore different Modpacks and find the perfect one to suit their interests and playstyle.

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

Plugin Installer

Another key feature of the HyperPanel is the Plugin Installer, which offers access to over 40,000+ plugins for Minecraft. This feature allows players to easily search and install plugins directly from the HyperPanel, eliminating the need to manually download and install each one.

With the Plugin Installer, players can easily find and install popular plugins such as WorldEdit, Essentials, and Vault, as well as lesser-known plugins that can add unique features and gameplay mechanics to their Minecraft world. Whether you 're looking to enhance your server's functionality, streamline your gameplay experience, or simply add some fun new elements to your game, the Plugin Installer has something for everyone.

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

File Management

The HyperPanel also features a powerful File Manager that allows Minecraft players to easily manage their server files and configurations. This feature includes a special code editor that makes it easier on the eyes when working on long plugins or config files.

With the File Manager, players can easily navigate their server's files, create new files and directories, edit existing files, and upload and download files from their server. The code editor included in the File Manager features syntax highlighting, line numbering, and other helpful features that make it easier to read and work with code.

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

Multi-Server Management

The HyperPanel offers an impressive feature that allows Minecraft players to easily manage multiple servers from a single interface. This feature, which allows the ability to have multiple servers on one panel, enables users to create, configure, and manage multiple servers, all from one centralized location.

With this feature, players can easily switch between servers, view server status and performance, and manage server settings and configurations. Additionally, players can take advantage of powerful server cloning and snapshotting capabilities, which allow for quick duplication of servers or restoration of servers to previous states.

HyperPanel Server Management Screenshot

Discord Bot Management

The HyperPanel also includes a unique feature that allows Minecraft players to manage their Discord bots from the same panel as their Minecraft server. With this Discord Bot Management feature, users can easily control their Discord bots directly from the HyperPanel, without needing to switch between different applications.

With this feature, players can easily configure their Discord bot's settings, manage bot permissions, and even send commands to their bots directly from the HyperPanel. This makes it easy for players to manage their Discord community and Minecraft server community in one place, without the need for multiple tools or applications.