How to Create a Subdomain in HyperPanel v2

This guide walks you through the steps of creating a subdomain for your Minecraft server using HyperPanel v2.

Koby Pierce
Koby Pierce
09/03/20231 min read


Creating a subdomain can make it easier for players to connect to your Minecraft server. This guide explains how to create a subdomain using HyperPanel v2.

Step 1: Navigate to the Subdomain Tab - Log in to your HyperPanel v2 account and click on the 'Subdomain' tab in the sidebar.

Step 2: Create a Subdomain - Click the 'CREATE SUBDOMAIN' button. Fill in the 'subdomain prefix' textbox with your desired prefix. Use the 'domain selector' to choose between '' or ''.

Step 3: Verify Subdomains - Once the subdomain is created, check the list of subdomains to verify your new subdomain is there.


Creating a subdomain in HyperPanel v2 is a straightforward process.

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