How to Change the Docker Image in HyperPanel v2

This guide walks you through the steps for changing the Docker image on your server using HyperPanel v2.

Koby Pierce
Koby Pierce
09/02/20231 min read


HyperPanel v2 provides an intuitive interface for managing your Minecraft server, including the ability to change the Docker image. This post will guide you through this simple process.

Steps to Change Docker Image

Follow the steps below to change the Docker image on your server:

  • Navigate to the 'Startup' tab on the sidebar, which will direct you to the startup command configuration page.
Image of the Startup tab on the sidebar

  • Look for the 'Docker Image Configuration' section. Select a new Docker image from the dropdown menu.
Image of Docker Image Configuration section

  • Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the 'Save Changes' button.


Changing the Docker image on your server in HyperPanel v2 is a straightforward task. The user-friendly interface makes it quick and easy.

Additional Support

Should you run into any issues, please join our Discord server and open a ticket. Our dedicated support team is here to help you.