How to Add Extra Ports to Your Server Using HyperPanel v2

This guide will walk you through the steps to add extra ports to your Minecraft server using HyperPanel v2.

Koby Pierce
Koby Pierce
09/02/20231 min read


Managing your Minecraft server with HyperPanel v2 is as straightforward as it gets. Among its many features is the ability to add extra ports to your server. This guide will detail how to do exactly that.

Adding Extra Ports

To add extra ports to your server, follow these bullet-point guidelines:

  • Once logged in, locate and click the 'Networks' tab in the sidebar.
Sidebar but the network button is selected

  • Look for the 'Create Allocation' button and click it. HyperPanel v2 will randomly assign a new port for you.
A create port allocation button

  • To make this new port your server's primary, click 'Make Primary' next to the newly allocated port.

  • Finally, make sure to save your settings by clicking the 'Save' button.


That's how you add extra ports to your Minecraft server using HyperPanel v2. The panel provides an intuitive and straightforward way to manage these settings.

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