Why We Decided to Shut Down Website Hosting

An in-depth look into our decision to discontinue our website hosting services.

Koby Pierce
Koby Pierce
09/17/20233 min read


Change is a fundamental part of growth. Today, we’re announcing our decision to discontinue our website hosting services. We understand the implications of such a decision and have taken measures to ensure a seamless transition for our valued customers.

The 'Why' Behind the Decision

From the onset, our aim was to provide impeccable services across all domains. However, upon introspection, we recognized that our website hosting services weren't aligning with our envisioned standard of perfection. The chief reasons being: a lack of specialized expertise in our current team and a smaller customer base in this domain. These made it challenging for us to maintain the same level of excellence that we strive for in our other services.

Our Commitment to You

To show our gratitude for your continued trust and to ensure minimal disruption, we're taking several steps:

  1. In-store Credit: As a token of our appreciation, all our website hosting clients will receive $100 of in-store credit.
  2. Notice Period: We’re giving a 3-month notice to all our clients to make the necessary arrangements for migration.
  3. New Hosting Service: For those who wish to transition to another hosting service, we'll cover the cost for the first 3 months at a similar price to ours. If, for instance, you choose GoDaddy, we'll handle the expenses for the stipulated period.

Looking Ahead

While this chapter is closing, we remain committed to delivering exceptional services in our other domains. We believe this decision allows us to hone our focus and resources, ensuring that we continue to provide unmatched value. We’re grateful for the journey and are eager to explore the horizons ahead, hand-in-hand with our dedicated community.