Switching to Ryzen 7950Xs for Minecraft and Discord Bot Hosting

Our journey from the Ryzen 5950X to the advanced Ryzen 7950X for an enhanced hosting experience.

Koby Pierce
Koby Pierce
09/19/20233 min read

The Big Leap

As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering optimal performance and unparalleled service, we’re thrilled to announce our transition from the Ryzen 5950X to the more advanced Ryzen 7950X for Minecraft and Discord Bot hosting.

Why the Change?

The Ryzen 7950X boasts a max boost clock of up to 5.7GHz, with a base clock of 4.5GHz. This enhanced performance translates to faster processing, improved task handling, and ultimately, a smoother and more enjoyable experience for our end users. The 5950X served us well, paving the way for high-speed computing with its impressive capabilities. However, the tech industry is ever-evolving. To remain at the forefront, it's essential to adopt the latest and most advanced hardware - hence the shift to the 7950X.

The Transition Period

We understand that with any significant change comes a myriad of questions and possible concerns. To address these:

  1. Transition Timeline: Our goal is to complete the transfer of all servers to the 7950X by the end of October. However, we appreciate your patience and understanding, as certain nodes might take slightly longer to migrate.
  2. Current Servers: There's no guarantee that a specific server will immediately be on the 7950X. However, as we progress with the transition, an increasing number of servers will benefit from the upgrade.
  3. Performance and Stability: During this period, our technical team will be rigorously monitoring all systems to ensure a smooth transition, minimizing downtime, and keeping the user experience consistent.

Looking Forward

It's an exciting time for us and our community. As we usher in this new era of performance with the Ryzen 7950X, we remain committed to exploring further advancements that will elevate the user experience. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.